Slettvoll Ålesund’s Ten Year Anniversary Party

Wednesday September 5th was a big night in Ålesund as Slettvoll rolled out the red carpets for their anniversary party and showcase of the fall seasons new collection!

We were greeted with smiles, champagne, live music and appetizers.

I think Slettvoll is fabulous for several reasons. First, it reminds me exactly of the furniture company I worked at for two years before moving to Norway, called RH in California. Second, Rasmus’s mother Liv Guri works here! Third, all of the furniture is made locally in the nearby city of Stranda! Fourth, and possibly the most relevant to most: they make solid, good quality, and stylish furniture!

This seasons collection is fabulous with rich dark colors, sleek lines, plays on leather, metal, hides, upholstery and wood. Rasmus and I have ordered a Maddox sectional from the new collection which should arrive in just a few weeks!

It was fun to see a variety of locals at the event! Everyone came out looking fabulous in their Scandinavian best.

It was a wonderful evening full of clinking glasses and good fun! Thank you Slettvoll and best wishes for the next ten years!

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