A Saturday Morning Trail up Ålesund’s Aksla Mountain, and Meeting an Instagram-tastic Hiking Cat

This Saturday Rasmus and I decided to drive into town to hike his favorite childhood trail on Aksla mountain.

We are enjoying our morning trails so much and defiantly trying to take advantage of them while the weather is warm – soon we’ll be on skis!

A really cool thing on Aksla is the old soccer field called Kråmyra. For many years the local pro team had their full games right here in the little stadium nestled between the hills. At one game the hillside natural stadium was filled with up to 12,000 people. The BBC even came to capture the natural beauty!

The old field and stadium is now comprised of housing blocks.

It was so fun hearing Rasmus talk about his old childhood memories from up on this field!

We spent a good 3 hours out on the mountain walking, running hills, doing some exercises and chatting.

A really cool part was that we ran into a woman walking with a kitten off of a leash! The cat was leaping around catching bugs, jumping off rocks, and never venturing too far from his owner Liliana! When we got chatting she told us she moved here from Colombia 8 years ago and learned Norwegian at the same school I go to! She has an Instagram just for Missy the cat called @katten_pa_fjellet (which means “The Cat on the Mountain). Liliana is a photographer and writer, and I’ve agreed to help her learn English!

It was a wonderful walk topped off with an ice cream stop in town. We shared a cone dipped in half strawberry sprinkles and half M&M’s from the local favorite, Stuen.

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