A Trip to NYC: the Jersey Shore and my University

This autumn my mom flew me back to NY to visit she and my dad! Although I got to spend a good two weeks with them there at the Jersey Shore this summer, there is nothing quite like autumn on the American east coast!

It was amazing having one on one time with both of my parents, and alone! Living in the US I feel I had to much freedom, something I often take for granted. Being back though I was sure to relive my favorite things like waking up early to go running on the beach, buying coffee at small local and family owned shops, and eating fresh, healthy, and plentiful food that reminds me of my home.

My parents spoiled me with meals at all of my favorite spots. If there’s one thing that I miss the most about America is the amazing and creative restaurants!

One day I took the ferry into Manhattan, and visited my old university on the upper west side! It was so interesting to go back with a fresh set of eyes. As an undergraduate I was often so caught up in my studies, sports, or social life that I didn’t get an opportunity to step outside of “myself” and appreciate the magnificence of not only the city’s structure but the ambitious minds within it.

I had studied architecture and the arts (in addition to the core humanities curriculum) and these are some of the buildings where I spent most of my time over those four years.

In the little free time I had, I would try to walk or jog down Riverside Park. My college boyfriend was a member of a fraternity / social club on the corner of 116th and Riverside where I spent a lot of time, and this location also gave me perfect access to the park!

I went back into Brooklyn another day to visit my best friend Danika and her boyfriend Brian! Danika is the director of communications at SoFi, and she invited me to an amazing event she was hosting to help encourage women (and men) to speak up for themselves and ask for a raise at work. This event ended up teaching me to much, and way more than I expected!!

The morning after the event Danika and I drove home to my parents home where we enjoyed a country weekend filled with lounging by the pool at the country club, fancy dinners, horseback riding, and a morning watching a rowing regatta!

On my last day home my mom took for a spiced cider pedicure at the Woodhouse Day Spa!

While I feel like living in a new country is such a cool, and maybe once in a lifetime opportunity, being away only makes me miss and love America the Beautiful even more.

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