An Autumn Trail in Skodje, Norway

The longer we are married, the more grateful I am that my husband is a teacher here in Norway! He gets incredible vacations. This week he had høstferie (fall vacation) from work and it was so lovely! While I spent everyday in my required Norwegian samfunnskunnskap (Society & Culture Class), Rasmus drove and picked me up from class every day and we were able to enjoy really nice activities like going to cafe’s in downtown Ålesund, and out for many amazing trails in the Sunnmøre area.

On Thursday we had a break in the typical rainy western Norway weather, and took advantage of it! I personally love the area of Skodje just outside of Ålesund. It has beautiful bridges, a quintessential steeple church, and lots of old farms. It just has that very magical, a little bit haunted, and peaceful feeling that I’m always looking for.

Driving over the beautiful old bridges, we just had to stop and take some photos! I couldn’t help but daydream about what it could be like to live there on the water… An excerpt from another life’s diary “Today I woke up to the sounds of chickens. I collected their eggs in a basket, then fed the sheep. Rasmus and I sculled out and back down the river, it was a bit cold today so we had on our thick wool hats and rain jackets. It smelled like fresh cut grass, horses, and sea water. Serenity. When we returned, Rasmus went to work. I milked the cows, and taught 3 riding lessons. The weather is getting colder, and we have to light the fire in the dark afternoons. The leaves have turned the colors of pumpkins and squashes. It looks like a beautiful fire tearing down the river. Winter is soon coming.”

Rasmus and I drove up to the town hall and parked, as instructed by the Stikk Ut guide for the trail we had chosen, Nihusen. We followed the map and followed the little red “Stikk Ut!” arrows up the hill. Within moments we realized that this trail was going to be a tough one! It was almost entirely uphill. We had some great laughs as we ran up the hill, then begged for breath as we checked out pulses at each plateau.

It was a phenomenal route. Once we reached the top, Rasmus told me which each mountain top was, where we lived in relation to that spot, and where we’ve been before. We had a full view of pretty much the entire county. In the car ride home we ate cinnamon buns which Rasmus’s grandpa had given him earlier that day. Once home we shared a great dinner together!

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