Shopping and Coffee at The Devold Fabrikken

Rasmus and I love having things to do on the weekends. Usually it’s two hikes, a social event, and something related to a cafe!


On this particular autumn weekend we chose to go to the local shopping outlets at the historic Devold Factory, known as the Devoldfabrikken. It’s about a 25 minute drive from downtown Ålesund or a 10 minute ferry ride to Langevåg (and 12 minute walk).

This is a great place to pick up anything you need (especially around the holiday time!) ranging from ski and snow wear, to baby clothing, and home goods. There are even high-end stores for interiors, jewelry, crafts, authentic Norwegian goods and gifts.


Rasmus and I are both history lovers so we really enjoyed sitting in the cafe sharing coffee and a pastry! While Rasmus read about the building’s history, I stared at the ceiling and all of the details trying to embody what it must have been like to be there “back in the day.”



I look forward to going back to this location during the holiday season, and also checking out the Devold Museum to learn more about the history of these 165 year old buildings!

Another fun addition to a visit to the Devoldfabrikken would be a hike and camping weekend up in Sula mountain. Stay tuned on my blog’s Facebook page for my latest posts, maybe we’ll even get up to Sula mountain soon!


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