A Little Walk Around Ålesund’s Downtown

This weekend we started out our morning walk by driving to the city center! We parked our car up top on a hill, then walked down it and around the city center. Ålesund is so beautiful and has so many scenic places to see. We went down to the Hotel Brosundet, the most high-end hotel in the city, then continued around the canals looking at our favorite Art Nouveau buildings.

We walked down the gågaten (“walking street”) and picked up two black coffees at the Raccoon cafe. One of my favorite cafes in town! We took our coffee’s to go and sat on heated benches overlooking the colorful canals (right outside of the office’s for our local adventure company 62 Nord). It feels a lot like a cold little Venice!

While I wish every weekend could be action packed with trips and intense climbs – sometimes the reality of a simple walk around town is refreshing too!

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