Easy Weekend at the Family Cabin!

It’s one of the nicest things, going to the cabin.

It was a Thursday afternoon and Rasmus had the Friday off from work, I had a home study day from school, so we loaded up our Mini Countryman with hiking gear and our beloved cat Bootie (formal name: Essie), and we hit the road. The special thing about this trip? I finally have my own Norwegian driving license, which I passed that very morning.

Three and a half hours on the road, a stop at the local grocery store – and we were settled in at the family cabin for a three night stay. I must add, while this cabin is in a remote area of the Dovre mountain in the middle of the country, it does have heated floors, a full kitchen, brand new bathrooms and a sauna. While I love the charm of a rustic diy cabin, these amenities make a quick unplanned trip quite simple!


This was our first time bringing Bootie up here! She loved it so much. It was also the first time we let her outside off leash. We felt this was safe to do because there are no roads nearby, we plan to get her a gps tag for her collar so we can let her out unattended while we are up there!

Honestly? Nothing beats being in nature.

This will be the last cabin trip where we just hime this year, the snow will soon be over shoulder height and perfect for cross country skiing.

Everyday up there we woke up, had coffee and a light breakfast, went for a three hour hike in the cold air, drank cocoa mix and ate a clementine up on the mountains, and came home to a fire, reading, chess, and a warm dinner.

Sometimes out in the woods we’d even come across reslly intersting spots! Like this outdoor camping site!

It’s beautiful beautiful beautiful. Being in nature grounds my feet to Earth, my soul to the sky, my ears to the animals, and my heart to those dearest to me. Going out walking in the woods, I often just start laughing and giggling from joy for no apparent reason. It’s such a relief.

I’m a country girl and there’s nothing else to it.

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