Thanksgiving in Norway

In my society and culture class here in Norway, they encouraged us to integrate but not assimilate: in other words, don’t forget who we are or where we came from. So what better way to integrate than by inviting my closest Norwegian friends to Thanksgiving dinner at my house?

I made a smorgasbord of the Thanksgiving dishes which we always had in my home. I am not an experienced cook, so I simply used recipes I found online! We had: turkey breast, bread stuffing (my dad mailed me a bag of Pepperidge Farm’s!), breaded green beans, bacon topped mac & cheese, bread, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, mini hotdogs and bacon wrapped water chestnuts for starters. For the potluck portion Ingrid brought mashed sweet potato/ kohlrabi, and Hanne brought cupcakes and apple pie!

To me, this holiday is about remembering to be grateful for what you have, coming to terms with what you do not, and sharing those thanks with those closest to you! We were hoping to have the whole Eriksen clan over as well but due to it being on the same weekend as our niece’s birthday most of the family was on the other side of the country – but we’re grateful for them too.

Thank you Ingrid, Eivind, Hanne, and Stian for joining Rasmus and me this Thanksgiving! The four of you are certainly a big part of what we were thankful for this year, we look forward to keeping this tradition with you in lovely Ålesund.

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