Brooke is a visual artist focused on photography, and post-conceptual installations, paintings, and video.

Her photography ranges from moment capturing portraiture, idyllic landscapes, pet and family portraiture, event illuminating photography, as well as intellectual culture challenging shots.

Her post-conceptual artistic focus is on the varying impacts of consumerism and corporate marketing on gender dynamics across different societies. She creates imagery through contemporary mixed media using interactive installations, photographs, painting, self-portraiture, and videos to illuminate the nuanced tension inherent in this topic.

Brooke’s working process begins with a continual search for sources of conflict with her prior research and existing beliefs, purposely placing herself in uncomfortable, challenging situations: moving to a foreign country, joining refugee athletic programs, attending unconventional lectures and exhibitions, and engaging those with vastly different social, educational, and political beliefs, etc.

Brooke earned her Bachelor of the Arts degree from Columbia University‘s Barnard College with a major in Visual Arts/Art History, and two minors, Architecture and Environmental Science: her undergraduate focus involved an artistic study within the realms of time, structure, the environment, anthropology, and philosophy. She has additional art and theory courses from Yale University, RISD (Switzerland and Beyond summer program), Mt. Holyoke College, Monmouth University, and Stanford. As a student at Columbia, Brooke held a summer internship with the Dumbo Arts Festival (2011), in Brooklyn, New York, as well as with leading European art publication Texte Zur Kunst (2012), in Berlin, Germany.

After university (2013-2016) Brooke moved to Silicon Valley to gain first hand experience in digital marketing and sales (both in technology and retail), where she was also a studio artist at the Redwood City Art Center.

Prior to university, Brooke attended The Ranney School, where she focused on visual arts alongside her K-12 requirements, and then earned her upper secondary degree from The Peddie School, where her signature experience was in studio art.

Brooke is an active athlete competing in triathlon and horseback riding events. She was a member of the Columbia Triathlon Club and represented the university at the Collegiate National Triathlon as a student, and went on to be an athlete on Team USA at the senior nationals, and world cup level for modern pentathlon.

Brooke moved to Norway in January 2017 and currently lives in Ålesund, Norway. She commutes to New York and California on a regular basis working as both a consultant and working artist.