Hey! My name is Brooke and I started this blog in June 2016 to track Rasmus and my coast to coast American road trip! I moved to Norway to be with him in January 2017 and I love it so much! I am an artist and explorer and enjoy documenting some of the interesting things that come up in my life!

In 2013 I earned my bachelor’s degree from Columbia University‘s Barnard College in NYC. Majoring in art history with a focus on visual arts, with minors in both architecture and environmental science, and nearly earning a third minor in anthropology. I have taken additional courses in the arts and writing from several other institutions such as Yale University, RISD, and Mt. Holyoke College. Prior to university I went to preparatory school at the Ranney School, and then graduated from the Peddie School in 2008 with a focus in the arts (although one of my favorite classes was called “The Great Explorers”!).

Writing and travel is something I get from my mother: a doctor of literature, a many times published literary critic and poet, and tenured professor. Some of my funniest stories, and biggest intellectual inspirations come from traveling around the world with her going to different lectures and conferences. My techy internet side comes from my tech entrepreneur father.

Candid photography and street style became a true interest of mine when I first met Bill Cunningham as a child. He first published a photo of me in the New York Times Sunday Style section when I was 14. As a student in Manhattan, and member of several museums, I was able to spend quite a bit of time with him at events over the years. Every Friday during college, I would walk through central park, to Bergdorf Goodman, to look at the new fashion; Bill would always be on the corner snapping away!

As a former World Cup modern pentathlete, competitor in the Collegiate National Triathlon, and Junior Olympic Track and Field athlete I also have a passion for fitness and competing. I grew up riding horses since the age of two, and excelled through the upper jumper levels competing around the American A-circuit at shows like WEF, Sonoma, and Monmouth. From 2013-2016 I worked as a semi-professional rider, and also trained my own ex-racehorse as a jumper. I became an avid volunteer in the equestrian community as a young teenager and I still am to this day. My love for animals spurred my passion for the outdoors. Today I am a fitness competitor, and fair weather amateur horseback rider.

Combining my passion for the arts with my interest in business/technology, I have had careers in both retail sales and software sales… which brings me to Listfully! I am on the founding team of Listfully.org, a women owned app geared towards promoting small businesses, organic & sustainable products, charities, cultural gifting, and “think outside the box gifts.” Listfully is a digital wishlist.

Why Norway? In 2015 I was living in Northern California and Rasmus was living in Oslo, Norway. After we met (an amazing story that we look forward to sharing soon!) and took many trips across the world, and road trip across the continental USA, we got married!

We now live together in Oslo, Norway with our adopted Norwegian Forest cat Essie.

Rasmus is an academic and linguist, soccer hobbyist, adventurer and loving husband who was born and raised in Ålesund, Norway. He studied English and Education at the University of Oslo through the Master’s level, and has a long list of accomplishments.

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